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Bongos2 - настройка модулей
Спомощью Bongos можно подстроить удобно весь интефейс меню, бары, миникарту, добавить убрать панели изменять размер всех модулей.

Команда /bob (более подробный список комманд смотри внизу)


Bongos is an action bar replacement designed to be both low memory, and easy to setup. It is not as feature rich as other bar mods, but should include the features most commonly used.

Included Addons
Bongos2: The core addon.
Bongos2 ActionBar: Breaks up the main action bar into movable parts.
Bongos2 Stats: A display for latency, framerate, and memory usage
Bongos2 RollBar: Makes the frame for rolling on items movable
Bongos2 CastBar: A movable casting bar, with the ability to show cast time.
Bongos2 XP: A movable experience/reputation bar
Bongos2 Options: A dynamically loaded options menu for Bongos.

Every Bongos bar can be moved, hidden, scaled, and have its opacity altered
Sticky bars: Each bar can be automatically anchored to any other bar simply by moving one bar near the other.
Access to 120 action buttons, which can be set up in any number of bars.
Customizable stance transitions for each bar

To bring up the options menu: type /bongos menu
To unlock bars: uncheck the lock bars option in the main options menu
To hide or show a bar: unlock bars, then middle click or shift right click it
To move a bar: unlock bars, and then click and drag it with the left mouse button
To bring up a bar's configuration menu, right click it

Key Bindings
Bindings for the Bongos action bar should only be done via the bindings menu in Bongos
To bind keys, open the main options panel, and select the bindings option. Hover over a button, then press a key to bind it to that button

Action Bars
Accessing general action bar options: open up the main options window (/bongos menu) and select the action bars panel
Adjusting the layout of a given bar: unlock bars and right click the bar you want to adjust to bring up its configuration menu
Moving buttons: Hold down the key for moving buttons (shift by default), and drag a button. Alternatively, unlock button positions by shift right clicking the mini map button, or unchecking the option in the main options menu
Making a bar bigger: You can increase the maximum size of a given bar by reducing the number of action bars. To do so, adjust the action bars slider on the action bar panel of the main options menu. This option will reset the settings of your actionbars
Stances and Paging
Stances and paging are configured via a bar's right click menu. Select the stances or paging panel and adjust the offsets to change what buttons are displayed for an actionbar in a given state.
Slash Commands
All commands start with either /bongos, /bob, or /bgs
<barList> can have a possible value of an actionbar number, menu, bags, pet. class, or all
You can also specify a group or range of bars, the command /bo scale 1-3 class 1.2 will scale actionbars 1 2 3, and the class bar to 120% of their normal size.

Command List
* /bongos - Shows the options menu, if present
* /bongos lock - Toggles locking bars positions
* /bongos show <barList> - Shows <barList>
* /bongos hide <barList> - Hides <barList>
* /bongos toggle <barList> - Toggles <barList>
* /bongos scale <barList> <scale> - Sets the scale of <barList> to <scale>
* /bongos setalpha <barList> <opacity> - Sets the opacity of <barList> to <opacity>
* /bongos set <profile> - Sets the current character to use <profile>
* /bongos copy <profile> - Copies all settings from <profile>
* /bongos delete <profile> - Deletes <profile>
* /bongos reset - Loads default settings
* /bongos version - Displays what version of bongos you're running
* /keybound - Toggles keybinding mode

Reporting Bugs
When reporting bugs, give me what version of WoW you are running, what addons you're running, your Bongos version (/bongos version), your class, and attempt to reproduce the error with just Bongos enabled
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