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Аддон помогает контролировать количество маны. Есть функция оповещения пользователей группы о количестве маны, например: если у хилера мало маны(эта цыфра устанавливается коммандой /LowWarn % ) то идёт оповещение. Подробние смотри ниже...

there was a major bug concerning how user mana percentages were calculated causing it to not function correctly. New version (1.2) reworks the math and provides correct Maxmana and mana % values.

ManaWatcher is my first attempt at a WoW Add-On. I built it using the Ace2 framework.

It is currently a mod for Healers to keep their party informed of Low and Critical Mana levels. It allows customization of Low Mana Levels, Critical Mana Levels, and output messages and channels.

Low/Critical mana messages will only fire once your mana has regened to 20+ your set level.

/lowwarn = 35 which means will only fire again once you have regened to 55% mana.

This mod starts enabled and could be irritating if you are not in a party, or even if you are in a party. For now - i recommend you toggle the "standby" mode when you do not need it until I can implement a more simple solution. Look for this soon.

/mw standby

I will be working on a new release, so if you have any questions/comments I would love to hear them!


/LowWarn - The Low Mana Level Warning Percent (omit%)
usage: [/mw lowwarn <new value>
default: [35]

/LowWarnMsg - The Message that is displayed at Low Mana
usage: [/mw lowwarnmsg <new message>
default: [-=Healers Mana is Low=-]

/CritWarn - The Critical Mana Level Warning Percent (omit%)
usage: [/mw critwarn <new value>
default: [15]

/CritWarnMsg - The Message that is displayed at Critical Mana
usage: [/mw critwarnmsg <new message>
default: [-=Healers Mana CRITICAL=-]

/Channel - The Channel that the warnings are displayed in
usage: [/mw channel <SAY | PARTY | RAID_WARNING>
default: [RAID_WARNING]

-Unique support for multiple classes
-GUI to streamline configuring and customizing
-Easy Enable/Disable so its only around when you need it (bosses/bg's/ect)
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