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Pirox BG(ANTI AFK) BOT beta 7.2.8v4 for 2.4.x

Download Pirox Bot Full (only one time) to your desktop, a rar file
Extract zipped file to Desktop (with eg WinRar)
Close WoW
Rename Pirox.exe to any filename (e.g. mung.exe)
Run mung.exe (or whatever you named it)
Create addon (this is automatic from pirox application)
Run WoW like normal
Login to your account and log into your character
Activate window mode
Click in bot on OPT#1
Set ingame language, default is "de"
Click on KEYS
Set all keys you need. Movement keys, attack keys, whisper key and also set it in WoW
Click on MSGs
Change the gm whisper message
Click on MAIN
Choose bg, city and faction
Click mode1 and he activates the WoW window, enters "/pirox on" and a square will appear.

How do I signup correctly?

1. Option (like on video):
You go in front of the NPC and set the camera to max.
The bot enters /target npc and recognizes the green text over the NPC and moves the mouse on the NPC.

2. Option:
You go in 1.person mode, that means you set the camera to minimum.
You face to the north and stand into the NPC, so that the npc fill the full screen.
Now he clicks on the npc and signup for you.

Deactivate the option: "Use /target NPC" under Opt#1

Do u have a big reduce of FPS (Frames per seconde)? Then you have to deactivate the option "Show Tooltip" (opt#1)

- Why do i have so low FPS when the bot is running?
Disable Tooltip. (Opt#1 -> Show Tooltip)

- There is no square if the bot enters /pirox on:
tip "/yourcommand on"
If the square doesn't appear, then the addon is not generated or loaded! or you have more then one bot
addon. Delete those doubled addons! Take care that you haven't loaded two or more bot addons!
If it doesn't work, you will have to disable all addons but not the bot addon.

- There isn't an addon generated:
In pirox.ini is set the addon name under "AddonName".
Shouldn't really be an addon in your wow folder, you can download a self generated addon here.

- The bot doesn't run out of av cave:
If the tooltip say "Av tunnel running", you have to set the movement keys!

- Where do I get AV trinket and how do I use it?
Horde: Abzeichen of frostwolves
Alliance: Abzeichen of Stormpike
With exalted you get rang 6, which has the smallest cooldown

Equip the trinket, put it on a button, set a key to this button and set this key under
Keys -> Av Trinket port.

- The square color does not change:
There may only exist 1 bot addon! Delete all other bot addons. If this doesn't work, you have to disable all
other addons but not the bot addon.

- I'm using Vista and the bot doesn't send any key to world of warcraft:
You have to disable UAC "user account control". This blocks the bot!

:: Important Tips ::

Some addons like Tiny Tip annoy the bot!
Attend that no addon will put anything over the square! Disable all addons but not bot addon if you get erros.

Relog on Disconnect Feature
It only requires the acc password. But then you have to save your acc name in WoW.

If the bot doesn't detect the square for 3-4 mins, he will try to relog
Be carefull! If some addons hide the ball, he can post your account data to the chat. So if you have enabled this feature, please join a channel before running the bot, for your own safety.

/join siuodfsag

The bot will also make a screenshot after entering your account data, so you would see if everything went correct.

How does the Bot work:

On first run of bot there will be generated a WoW addon. With this addon the player signup automatically, leaves bg automatically and release spirit automatically. Also there will be a square in mid of your screen after you enter "/pirox on". This square changes the color. See addon info. With this square the bot recognizes, if he's in bg, or if he's dead or if a gm has whispered. This bot doesn't use memory reading, that means he can't walk coordinates and isn't linked with WoW. This bot act according to the square color.


What are the AFK Modes:

Mode 1:

PiroX Addon have to be run.
Window Mode has to be activated.

- Automatically signup for bg and auto join it.
- Recognize whsipers and can answer to it.
- Recognize GM whisper and can answer to it.
- Run out of the av cave and port into base (put on AV port trinket)
- Attacks other players/NPCs.
- WoW can't be minimized and must be on top

perfect to sleep or go away!

Mode 2:

- Send each 3-4 min a key (Keys -> AntiAFK keys) to WoW that you don't go afk. WoW can be minimized all the time, that means you can play another game at the same time.
- No whispers check
- No bot autosignup

Activate sounds with "/pirox sound" and in wow enable "Play sound in background", that you here the alarm sounds.

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