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UDB 346
UDB release 0.9.3: "Explosive Sheep"

UDB release 0.9.3: "Explosive Sheep"

Requires: Core 5578+

Biggest changes in 346:
Added Noblegarden-event
Tweaked some Outland mob damages
TBC high end instances loot tables redone
Added random battleground updates from GriffonHeart
Added more quest texts and npc_texts from WDBs posted at forum
Edge of Madness event in Zul'Gurub added
Hundreds fixes from forums, thanks go out to all contributors!
ScriptDev2 SQL up to rev 323
EventAI Release 0.0.4: "Skin Deep"
Some of the Scripted Creatures Included in this Release:
All ScriptDev2 SimpleAI Mobs have been converted to EventAI
The Stockade is now 100% Scripted
The Deadmines is now 100% Scripted (Including Edwin Vancleef and Mr. Smite)
Black Temple should be almost complete now
Hatefury Satyr
Eclipsion Mobs
Eldreth Trash Mobs
Blood Furnance Trash Mobs
Hellfire Citadel: The Ramparts Trash Mobs

Botanica Trash Mobs
Hyjal Friendly NPC's
Underbog Trash Mobs (Non-Heroic)
Lots Extra Scripts developed by the Dev Team and our Members!
(We just went from 481 creatures in 0.0.3 release to 704 for this release!)
Install full 0.9.3 by installing the following file over any previous release:
UDB_0.9.3_Core_5578_SD2_323.sql <- apply to mangos database
EAI_0.0.4_323.sql <- apply to Your ScriptDev2 Database
If (and only if) you just want to update from 0.9.2 (344) because you added some custom parts, apply the files in this order:
346_corepatch_characters_5475_to_5578.sql <- apply to characters database
346_corepatch_mangos_5475_to_5578.sql <- apply to mangos database
346_corepatch_scriptdev2_323.sql <- apply to Your ScriptDev2 Database
346_updatepack_mangos.sql <- apply to mangos database
EAI_0.0.4_323.sql <- apply to Your ScriptDev2 Database

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