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UDB 347

Biggest changes in 347:
All TBC non-heroic loot fixed
Many Outland mob stats fixed
Cast Bar Caption texts added
So many various fixes we lost track
Hundreds of fixes from the forums. Thanks go out to all contributors!
ScriptDev2 SQL up to rev 344
Install full 0.10.0 by installing the following file over any previous release:
UDB_0.10.0_Core_5648_SD2_344.sql <- apply to mangos database
If (and only if) you just want to update from 0.9.3 (346) because you added some custom parts, apply the files in this order:
347_corepatch_characters_5578_to_5648.sql <- apply to characters database
347_corepatch_mangos_5578_to_5648.sql <- apply to mangos database
347_updatepack_mangos.sql <- apply to mangos database

These files are located in Updates/Archives/0.9.3_additions
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